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Monday, November 25, 2013

The 2013 Holiday Collection Is Here!

2017 Update: For those of you looking for more pieces, I hope to have a small collection available before Christmas. Please check back around December 15th. Thank you! Lana Manis


Welcome to my 2013 Holiday Jewelry Collection!

Shop here on Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday for unique gifts you won't find anywhere else!

I am so excited to be offering these one-of-a-kind pieces to you! All necklaces have been made with much thought and with the idea that I would love to wear each and every piece myself. I'm offering these just in time for Christmas shopping, but keep in mind that they would be wonderful unique gifts for any occasion... and they would be a fabulous treat for yourself!

Most necklaces took several hours to make, especially the ones with handmade, wire-wrapped, beaded chain links. I've made each one using a variety of materials and components such as sterling silver wire for the wrapped beads and the hand-forged clasps, natural gemstones, lovely old found objects, vintage and new glass beads, soldered charms with paper whimsies inside, and handmade clay pendants. I have given most of the sterling pieces a patina, which require a multi-step process. Each necklace has a small designer tag near the clasp engraved with the artist's name, yours truly... Lana Manis.
These truly are handmade with love!

How this sale works:
I will honor purchase requests in the order they come to me.
Payment, packaging, and contact info are found in the tabs at the top of this page (just under the big photo).
Each piece will be have a number and name along with description, photos, and price.
Email me with your questions and orders, and I'll get back to you very soon with answers or invoices.

Happy shopping!

Click on photos for larger views.

1. Ornamental -20" open length plus a 3" bead & pendant drop
Are you familiar with the Rycraft terra cotta molds? Well, Robin Rycraft's daughter-in-law made pendants from some of his carved molds and I bought a few of them for my jewelry! This one features a lovely ornament design... just in time for the holiday season! Other pieces in this festive necklace include sterling silver spacer beads, a sterling clasp handmade by me, sterling wire wrapped around the drop pendant beads, gorgeous mother of pearl beads, and lovely, faceted, aqua glass beads.


2. Partridge in a Pear Tree - 16.5" open length plus a 2.5" bead & pendant drop
Here's the second clay pendant from the Rycraft family. This one features a partridge (bird) and pear (fruit) so it really could work year round if you love nature themes! Again, I hand-forged the sterling silver clasp, added a bit of hammered texture, used sterling wire for the wrapped wire-work, and added a few petite amazonite gemstone beads at either end of the highly faceted, smoky aqua glass beads. The sterling silver on this piece has been given a dark patina and then buffed shiny on the high spots, adding texture and depth.


3. Dove of Peace - 18" open length plus a 2.75" bead & pendant drop
This is the third and last necklace I made using the Rycraft family pendants. I used dark amber colored, faceted, glass beads, topped them off on either end with yellow jasper gemstone beads, all put together with sterling silver wire, including the hand-forged, hammered, swirly clasp. The silver has been aged on this one, too. I love the extra little swirl on the clasp!
on sale here


4. Twice the Love - 20" open length plus a 2" charm drop
This necklace features one of my lead-free soldered charms: two aged, watercolored, parchment paper hearts woven together. The chains are made of yellow jasper, aqua dyed mother of pearl, white magnesite gemstones, and smoky glass beads. I used sterling silver wire to make the wrapped bead links as well as the hand-forged, hand hammered clasp. A piece of vintage chain lets a little oxidized hand dangle slightly down the back.


5. French Bird - 20.5" open length plus a 3.75" bead & charm drop
You get an abundance of a soft mint green and shiny silver with this piece. The soldered charm with beveled glass features an aged paper bird on an aged, watercolored parchment background. I've cut two words from an old French - English dictionary: pretty and oiseau... oiseau means bird in French. Light green glass beads hung on the diagonal lead up the necklace to strands of sterling silver wrapped aventurine gemstone beads. I am almost certain that is the name of these gemstones... I forgot and had to look them up in a gemstone catalog. There is a sterling wire-wraped beaded chain down the back that ends with a sweet little brass bird's nest with eggs. As with all my other necklaces, I made the sterling hook and eye clasp.


6. Tatted Heart - 21" open length plus a 2" charm drop
This watercolored paper heart and vintage tatted lace charm hangs from a sterling silver, wire-wrapped, gemstone bead chain. I've used amazonite, aventurine, coral dyed mother of pearl, and another gemstone that I can not remember the name of for the life of me! They are the round white ones with a touch of green and pearl-like iridescence. Hanging from the hand-forged sterling clasp is a little dangle with a vintage, glass bead, flower shape.


7. Love Letters - 21" open length plus a 3.25" charm drop
If you love red, you will love this necklace! The focal piece is one of my soldered charms with a paper heart on a background paper taken from an old book. From it dangles an antique pen nib and a vintage red and ivory colored cameo that has been wrapped with aged, sterling wire. The chain is comprised of sterling wire-wrapped, glazed, clay beads and those are topped with petite coral beads. A whimsical, aged, hammered, sterling swirl hooks in a sterling infinity eye clasp. From that dangles a vintage chain, a hammered silver ball, and another whimsical, sterling swirl. All of the sterling has been aged and buffed.
SOLD! Thank you! 


8. Queen Mother - 24" open length plus a 2" charm drop
Aged, warm, and regal... that's what I think about this piece. First off, the soldered charm with beveled glass features a coral red paper crown on an aged parchment background. I've also included a snippet of antique lace and words from a vintage French - English dictionary: queen-mother and reine mere. Coming up from the charm are little yellow jasper gemstones wrapped with a warm brass wire. I think the two large nuggets just above them are also jasper. They are a gorgeous creamy color and are wrapped with the same warm brass wire. The preponderance of the chain is made from wonderful crackled, faceted, vintage, lucite beads that I found in a shop some time ago. Each side is finished off with a little coral bead that matches the crown. I made a brass hook and eye closure and from that dangles another lucite bead, three coral beads, and a vintage heart.
SOLD! Thank you! 


9. D'Ambre Papillon - 28.5" open length plus a 4" bead & brass pendant drop
Named the amber butterfly, this necklace has plenty of warm hues and vintage charm. It is one of my favorites! The vintage brass butterfly with swirls was actually a vintage brooch. I've used two colors of amber glass beads for the long chain, along with a pair of gorgeous oval turquoise stones. All wire-wrapping has been done with aged sterling silver. I've made two hammered, sterling infinity pieces: one is at the top of the pendant drop and the other is part of the clasp. The other part being another sterling swirled hook.


10. An Evening in Paris - 26.5" open length plus a 4.75" sterling swirl and perfume flask drop
Titled because of the absolutely wonderful, cobalt blue glass, Evening in Paris perfume flask! It still has the old tassel attached! I've made a lovely, hammered swirly thing (so technical here!) to hold the flask as well as any other charms you'd like to add later. The long chain up one side is made from vintage, jet glass beads that I wrapped individually with sterling silver chain. The other side of the chain has more sterling wrapped, jet glass beads along with to die for cobalt blue glass beads.... both round and a heart! In the middle of the cobalt beads are three wonderful old quartz beads. I almost didn't let these go because I love them so much! The clasp is another one of my hammered sterling, swirl hooks and infinity eye combinations. All sterling has been aged and buffed.
SOLD! Thank you!


11. Old World French Elegance - 29" open length plus a 4.5" fleur de lis & china pendant drop
Oh my... you have to see this one in person! Everything on this is old except for the designer tag and the sterling silver... and the silver has been given an aged patina. Let's change it up a bit and start with the clasp. Once again, I have hand-forged and hammered a clasp... double infinity style. Going down on each side are strands of old frosty glass beads. I have re-strung these so there's no chance of them breaking apart and scattering. On one side, I made an oval sterling ring and attached a vintage metal medallion. Opposite that, I made a triangle of sterling and attached a vintage, double fleur de lis hinge... yes, a hinge! The hinge and the medallion match closely in color so they blend perfectly. Draping from each side are two strands of antique, deep garnet red, faceted, glass beads. They are glorious when the sun glances off them! I re-strung these for stability as well. Attached to these glass treasures is yet another vintage, double fleur de lis hinge. And last, I soldered an antique pottery shard that was found on our property and attached it to the fleur de lis. Many of you may remember that we built on an old 1930s home-place and whenever it rains or we do any kind of excavating, I find old glass and pottery pieces. This one is truly  treasure and definitely an heirloom in the making!


12. French Treasure - 41" open length with a 5.25" French coin purse drop
I truly have no idea where to begin on this one! I think I need to start with the obvious... the fantastic, antique, French mesh coin purse. At first I thought I had bought the French purse online a few years ago, but after searching through my purchase files and not finding anything, I remembered buying a collection of old metal purses at the World's Longest Yard Sale and this was one of those purchases. I had sold the other purses, but kept this amazing one to use in my assemblage jewelry making. It has a hallmark that I can somewhat make out with a jeweler's loupe: J.M. & Cie and then there's a second line of letters that I can't read. I learned that Cie is the abbreviation for company in French. I also did some research and found just a few similar purses with the same hallmark in antique shops and documented as late 1800s / early 1900s French. There is a pretty embossed design on the top. When you flip the top open, you can pull the metal loops on either side to make it expand, revealing a little brown corked apothecary bottle that I added. You may remove the bottle if you wish. It has a small repair on the back. It's missing a link and someone has sewn the links together with thick black thread a long time ago. I can barely see it and never noticed it until I was assembling this necklace. There was one small ball dangling from the side of the purse. That was a little lop-sided looking, so I added three antiqued brass birds and re-attached the little ball to the larger bird in the center, so that it hangs from its beak. The chain is made using over a dozen pink gemstone beads with brown accents...possibly rhodonite. I've wire-wrapped all of these with sterling silver wire.Above the rhodonite gemstones are rectangular shaped, smoky mahogany glass beads, separated by little rose quartz gemstones. Connecting everything is a sterling, hammered, infinity swirl clasp that I made. All sterling has been aged and buffed. Even though this is a super long necklace, it is reminiscent of the chatelaines suspended from the belt of the lady of the house or castle. I have a surprise... if this is too long for you, the chain may be wrapped around and each side of the clasp and hooked to the coin purse as shown in the first photo. This makes it about 20" instead of 41". If you want to make a statement and wear something no one else will ever have, this is the one to own!
SOLD! Thank you!

single strand

full length



13. Vintage French Chocolate Tin - 5" across x 1.25" high
This is the perfect presentation box for any of these necklaces if you choose not to have it shipped in the natural kraft box.

Thank you so much for your interest in my jewelry designs. If you see something you'd like for yourself or for a gift, email me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Items are sold in the order of requests.

Take care & God bless,
Lana Manis